Open to members and the General customers. On the fuel gas LPG  Inside the pump there is a wide range of amenities, such as Convenience store , A coffee shop/restaurant, steak, ATM, Bank, Bluetooth g sat The highlight of this pump is equipped air conditioner. The coffee shop Open 7 days/week.  From 07.00 pm to 22.00 Hrs. There is a variety of food and beverages. Such as steak, baking, coffee, fruit juice, spaghetti, etc.
  Bathroom next to air conditioner Bathroom cleaner and there is a sensor system.  Convenience of using the service. Regardless of whether it is a door open. Water system is a system sensor. A fire in a bathroom, it is automatically off.
  Food Center Open daily from 06.00-19.00 hrs. Sells a variety of foods, based on the principles of nutrition.

Here at the end of every single requirement.

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