In order to reduce the problem of crude milk market. And it is adding value to the raw milk produced with coop .Therefore, construction of a factory for milk products. On October 29, 1998 And completed in 2543 (2000) The value of construction of 342 million. Ready-to-drink milk sold under the Brand Name "milk, Wang Nam Yen" and "Q Life" queue. Which is made from 100 percent pure raw milk.

  Dairy products processing factory of cooperatives. As a product factory Milk processing, the largest and most advanced in the eastern sector. Joint venture in manufacturing and distributing Dairy processing u. h. t. and pasteurization. That is to create value. More raw materials. By raw milk processing that is purchased from a Member. As a finished product to market. Global level and standard. For more information, see how to become dairy processing "of Wang Nam Yen" and " q-Lift".

  Wang Nam Yen dairy cooperative limited. Priority was given to production every step. Starting from the selection of raw materials of high quality through monitoring, international standards. Access to an efficient manufacturing process. And every step of the production is controlled by a computer system. In order to obtain High-quality products. Cooperatives also. With monitoring, for example, the items on the local market on a regular basis. To maintain the product's standard conditions of marketing of ready-to-drink milk "of Wang Nam yen," he said. Both the domestic and neighbouring markets.
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